Tempus Fugit record
Jens Christian Nielsen: "Tempus Fugit"
Ukendt Musik, UM001
Released 14th of December 2007 in Denmark.

Bass: Jens Christian Nielsen
Guitar: Jesper Nordal
Keyboards: Gorm B. Karrebæk
Drums: Rasmus Grosell
Vocals: Rikke Eeg Pedersen (track 9)
Percussion: Rune Olesen (track 1, 2 and 5)

The first solo cd from Jens Christian Nielsen.

There are four distribution networks that should have my record available (see http://www.digidi.dk/?139), those are 24/7, BasePoint, Nokia and iTunes. Below you can find some of the websites. I have written the prices a few places, please note that price might change.

Buy the songs here (just search my name or Tempus Fugit):